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Poster: Tyler Date: Jan 30, 2006 8:58am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Upload Status: Frozen by Curator

Whoops. I was the one that froze it. sorry I didn't e-mail you.

The reason why is that for some reason your t04 ended up named like this:


and all the rest are like this:


it shouldn't have the extra dash in there. this also affected your md5:

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 1/24/2006 9:17:18 PM

9ed201bf64eb150f2f4ee4075a6be287 *jc2006-01-20t01.flac
9b7aa021d8333bf9822d6026cad34ef1 *jc2006-01-20t02.flac
aeee3ff64896a0161505e378c64d6e08 *jc2006-01-20t03.flac
36680502202a29166b2bff6abc877183 *jc2006-01-20-t04.flac
c9bf1cdf52f5441a1bdcc6f67f94bbb9 *jc2006-01-20t05.flac
f6eafe1e3687ae7c3ee668670a16bfab *jc2006-01-20t06.flac
290c98bff9933144b82652698c23b6e7 *jc2006-01-20t07.flac
5e10b150552912cfe5ff307dad108109 *jc2006-01-20t08.flac
4540f855ef91ff65fdfe25dad2459cdc *jc2006-01-20t09.flac

so you're going to need to do the following:

1. log into your FTP and re-name the t04 on the server (it is a good idea to do it on your home-fileset as well).

2. make a new md5 with the right file names (or just edit the one you have on your computer and make it right, then upload the new one to the server, overwriting the old one).

3. Delete ALL files that aren't your seed flac files, md5, and .txt files (md5/ffp texts are good to stay)..

So delete the mp3's, ogg, m3u, and xml files. then e-mail etree(AT)archive(DOT)org with 'ATTN: Tyler Huff' in the subject line and i'll get the message, unfreeze it, and then fresh metadata should be written to it and new mp3's made. then we'll pass it along. cool?

also, in the future, the 'setlist' field during importing should be JUST for the song lists. you currently have the flac ffp file in there too. it automatically happens sometimes when the system is trying to grab info to put into the details page, but in the future, remove it before finishing the importing of your show... right on? right on!


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Poster: JasperBass Date: Jan 30, 2006 9:07am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Upload Status: Frozen by Curator

Thanks Tyler, will do!